Couples Counselling Introductory Course

Cool Heads, Seeking Solutions

Are you fed up with the dysfunction of your relationship? Do you want real, practical solutions to save it?

Better Communication Means A Closer Relationship.

1. Identify

Learn to identify your emotional reactions to triggering events.

2. Develop

Gain skills in defusing conflicts before they escalate, through understanding your own emotions and positively resolving issues.

3. Strategise

Implement practical strategies to lower your emotional ‘temperature’ and break out of unproductive overthinking.

Meet Sue

I am a counsellor and relationship educator with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), a Post graduate certificate in Psychology and a Masters of Counselling. After working in a number of roles and industries, I found that my passion was helping couples and families improve their relationships.

My husband and I have been married for more than 30 wonderful years and through financial and personal struggles in our marriage, the strength of our relationship has allowed us both to flourish and grow. I know first-hand how powerful it can be to have a true partner in life and I want to help other couples develop and experience their own loving and supportive relationship.


We would highly recommend Sue to anyone!!! Sue has provided us with life long tools to help us grow as individuals and as a couple, now and in the future, for all areas of our relationship and life In general. We just completed the 10 week loving me/we course and begun to really look forward to our weekly visit with Sue! The atmosphere in each meeting is always very welcoming, friendly and open, there is never any judgement from Sue and She always made us feel comfortable to share whatever we wanted or needed. Sue wouldn’t just “solve problems” she would provide us with the knowledge and reasoning behind a lot of common issues / strategies to move forward or do things differently. We look at our relationship in a new light thanks to Sue and we think anyone whether you are struggling or not could benefit from Sue’s program! So if you’re looking for someone to make a difference in your life , look no further Sue is your lady!!

It took many years to convince my wife to come to couples therapy. She was scared about bringing up old stuff, playing the blame game and just how therapy worked in general. We were at breaking point when I found Sue on Google and we were both planning our seperation.
Sue gave us the tools we needed to fix ourselves and each other. Helped open the lines of communication and helped us to understand how the other thought and felt.
No leather couch, no bringing up the past. Just positives moves to a lasting future.
We honestly had massive change after the first session
Would highly recommend you go and see her if your having issues in your relationship.
Sue was able to help shed some light on the issues facing my partner and I. She showed us a completely different way of approaching relationships. We have clear and effective communication strategies to employ which helped us reach a level of understanding we never thought possible.

If you're looking for answers on where your relationship is going, how it got there and why things need to change. Sue is extremely capable of getting you those answers.

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