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Online Relationship Counselling for Couples

Metanao are specialists in helping couples reconnect and transform themselves and their relationships.  Our purpose is not just to resolve current issues but to share principles, strategies and tools to empower you to make your own "happily every after". 

Private & Comfortable Setting

Sue is experienced in creating a safe space to learn and grow a healthy relationship. Our online sessions are delivered to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Convenient & Easily Accessible

Metanao online sessions make Couples Counselling accessible to anyone, anywhere.  Our sessions can be delivered via both computers and mobile devices with stable internet connection.

Talk To A Qualified Counsellor

Learn real strategies from Sue, an experienced and Masters Qualified relationship counsellor. Sue gives you the tools and empowers you to develop your own loving and supportive relationship.

Secure Virtual Platform

We use, a virtual health care consultation platform that uses advanced data encryption to ensure the security and privacy of our clients sensitive information.

Do I Need Counselling?

If the following sounds like your relationship, then the answer may be "yes".

  • Are you tired of being shut down, neglected or ignored?
  • Do you try to keep it all together and make things work, but seem to get no support?
  • Do you give and give and get nothing in return?
  • Do you and your partner get into repetitive cyclical arguments that last a long time, vacillating between attack and defense and leading to unresolved issues?
  • Do you feel exasperated, frustrated, hurt and angry in ways that activate a fear or loss and erodes your self-esteem and confidence?

There are 4 pillars to a healthy relationship, spending TIME, TALKING, TOUCHING & ultimately being a TEAM. When even one of the 4 Ts fail, they all fail, creating a dysfunctional relationship that you didn't sign up for, which is causing you to question yourself & your relationship.

What We Do

Many counsellors and psychologists focus on examining and analysing the problems their clients are facing in their marriage or relationships. At Metanao, we focus on the solutions. We work with you to understand what steps you need to take and changes you need to make to start living a healthier, happier life.

Nobody knows and understands you better than you. We help you use and apply your unique circumstances like your skills, strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations, values, attitudes and fears to solve your immediate problems and build lasting solutions.

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    No Mind Reading

    Our partners aren’t mind readers, so we educate couples on how to establish clear and effective communication.

    Reduce Conflict

    We help you to understand you and your partner's conflict style so you can resolve and prevent conflict.

    Realign Values

    We educate you on perspective, on who you are, not only as partners but as individuals, so you know what you want in a relationship.

    Rebuild Trust

    We educate you on how you can stop the cycle of negativity in your relationship & to rebuild the trust & respect you had in the beginning.

    Meet Sue

    I am a counsellor and relationship educator with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), a Post graduate certificate in Psychology and a Masters of Counselling. After working in a number of roles and industries, I found that my passion was helping couples and families improve their relationships.

    My husband and I have been married for 32 wonderful years and through financial and personal struggles in our marriage, the strength of our relationship has allowed us both to flourish and grow. I know first-hand how powerful it can be to have a true partner in life and I want to help other couples develop and experience their own loving and supportive relationship.


    We would highly recommend Sue to anyone!!! Sue has provided us with life long tools to help us grow as individuals and as a couple, now and in the future, for all areas of our relationship and life In general. We just completed the 10 week loving me/we course and begun to really look forward to our weekly visit with Sue! The atmosphere in each meeting is always very welcoming, friendly and open, there is never any judgement from Sue and She always made us feel comfortable to share whatever we wanted or needed. Sue wouldn’t just “solve problems” she would provide us with the knowledge and reasoning behind a lot of common issues / strategies to move forward or do things differently. We look at our relationship in a new light thanks to Sue and we think anyone whether you are struggling or not could benefit from Sue’s program! So if you’re looking for someone to make a difference in your life , look no further Sue is your lady!!

    Firstly we would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your professionalism, information, strategies and advice over the past 10 sessions. We have gained more insight into communication techniques, cultural differences, family dynamics, playing as a team, being present in the moment, home play and seeing things from a different perspective. I researched thoroughly for a couples therapist and chose Sue from her reviews and the warmth I felt from those. I also loved the fact that we could attend on a Sunday morning which worked really well for us as weekday schedules were not going to make this a viable option. We would recommend Sue to any couple at any stage of their relationship as it has worked wonders for ours. xx

    There comes a point in everyone's lives where growth is essential in order to thrive. Sue, you came into our lives when we needed you most and we will be forever grateful for every hour you spent helping shape our future. We both agree without you we would not be where we are today. No thank you will ever be enough. The essential content taught and your future focused method of teaching goes above and beyond any form of traditional family counselling I have ever seen. I would recommend your services to anyone in a relationship full stop. It simply enhances, plants seeds and builds strength in both the individual and the partnership. Thank you for your kind hearted nature Sue and your passion and commitment to your program. You are an absolute Gem. Love your work !!!”

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